Intergovernmental Operations 2015-2016

The Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee met on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 to consider the following:

SR 294, PN 1637 (Stefano) – This resolution directs the Joint State Government Commission to examine the use of evidence-based decision making by the Commonwealth and submit a report to the Senate within 18 months.  Senator Wiley offered amendment A09250, which provides requires the Commission to explain why a change is recommended to an agency.  The bill was reported as amended (unanimous).

SR 365, PN 1857 (Brewster) – This resolution urges the President and Pennsylvania’s elected Federal officials to fight for strong enforcement of trade laws in order to level the playing field with China.  It also urges Federal officials to take any necessary action to protect the domestic steel industry from unfair foreign competition.  The bill was reported as committed (unanimous).