Broadband Map

West Chester, Pa (January 10, 2023) – Residents have until Friday, January 13 to review the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) broadband access map and challenge any inaccuracies regarding location, service, speed, or availability, said State Senators Carolyn Comitta and John Kane.

The FCC’s broadband access map shows all broadband serviceable locations across the nation where fixed broadband internet access service is or can be installed. It can be viewed at The Commonwealth’s allocation of funding for broadband deployment under the federal infrastructure law is dependent upon the map being accurate. Pennsylvanians should visit the map to search for their home address to determine whether the information listed by the FCC is accurate.

“Pennsylvania is in line to receive significant federal funds to support a coordinated and strategic rollout of broadband areas without reliable service. Public input is key. The map represents a crucial first step in the process to ensure resources are allocated effectively and efficiently,” Comitta said. “I encourage everyone to review them for accuracy, because reliable broadband is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity in nearly every facet of our lives.”

“Reliable and consistent broadband access needs to be the standard for every home and business throughout our Commonwealth. My office has been in constant contact with our partners and stakeholders in different municipalities to ensure that the broadband issues of each community are acknowledged and addressed,” said Kane, a member of the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority (PBDA). “We’ve received valuable feedback from multiple township managers, community leaders, and public officials, and it is clear that there’s a critical need for dependable and affordable broadband all over Pennsylvania. The PBDA is here to strengthen connectivity in our Commonwealth and connect the FCC to the realities facing southern Chester County. We are closing in on getting this map right, but we have to continue to hear from those with broadband issues.”

Pennsylvanians should submit challenges to the map to help improve its accuracy by January 13, 2023. Challenges to the map can include:

  • A location that meets the FCC’s definition of a broadband serviceable location is missing from the map.
  • A location’s broadband serviceability is incorrectly identified.
  • Information such as the address or unit count for the location is incorrect.
  • The location’s placement (its geographic coordinates) is incorrect.

There are two ways to submit a challenge: by a single location, or in bulk. The location challenge can be completed by individual consumers utilizing the map itself. Bulk challengers will be required to use the Broadband Data Collection (BDC) platform to submit information to the FCC.

In addition, the PBDA is hosting its last broadband listening session on Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 8:30 a.m. at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg. Public participation is encouraged virtually or in-person at this hybrid listening session but in-person space is limited. In-person will be held at the PA Department of Agriculture Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, 2300 North Cameron Street, Susquehanna Room, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Additional information about the Challenge Process can be found on the FCC’s website. A consumer may also challenge mobile data coverage through the FCC Speed Test App – a free application that can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Store.