Senator Carolyn Comitta

HARRISBURG − September 1, 2021 – State Senator Carolyn Comitta, Minority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, today issued the following statement upon the Pennsylvania Independent Regulatory Review Commission’s 3-2 vote on final approval of the CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulation, Regulation 7-559:

“This is a victory for Pennsylvania workers, families, and children and our timing could not be more crucial.

Joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and cleaning up our power sector will significantly reduce our emissions while bringing substantial public-health, cost-savings, economic, and job-growth benefits to Pennsylvania.

As we continue to face the growing impacts of climate change, joining RGGI is a responsible and effective step – a key step – to stopping the worst impacts of climate change and investing in Pennsylvania’s clean energy future.

Now, as Pennsylvania moves forward with implementing RGGI, we must work to pass the RGGI Investments Act (Senate Bill 15 and House Bill 1565), legislation that would direct RGGI proceeds to support workers and communities affected by energy transition, invest in environmental justice, and strengthen Pennsylvania’s growing clean energy, commercial and industrial sectors.”