American Working Family Relief Action Plan – Front-line Worker Protections

Posted: March 31, 2020 04:47 PM
From: Senator Maria Collett and Sen. Lindsey M. Williams
To: All Senate members
Subject: American Working Family Relief Action Plan – Front-line Worker Protections

We are facing unprecedented challenges as we fight the spread of COVID-19. As the country and the world institute policies and procedures on how to keep our communities safe, our front-line workers continue to operate in dangerous working conditions on a daily basis.  Workers in healthcare facilities, public assistance workers and other direct support professionals, and our first responders, face increased risk to their health as we rely on them to provide life-sustaining services to our communities. 

We must provide front-line workers with the tools necessary for maintaining strong mental and physical health and to mitigate the spread of coronavirus on work sites that are still in physical operation.    

SB 1104 – Exempting Stimulus Checks from the Federal Government from State and Local Taxation

Posted: March 31, 2020 08:53 AM
From: Senator James R. Brewster
To: All Senate members
Subject: Exempt funding to individuals under CARES Act from state and local taxation

In the near future, I plan on introducing legislation to except funding that individuals receive from the U.S. Government as a result of the recently enacted federal CARES Act from state and local taxation. 

The U.S. Congress took sweeping action last week to provide the U.S. economy a shit in the arm during these difficult times. Included in that action were provisions that would provide a cash payment for those making $98,000 or less. While Congress exempted the payments from federal taxes, it is up to Pennsylvania to decide whether the stimulus payments are taxed under our law. 

My proposal would ensure that these payments are exempt from both state and local taxes. In these trying times, individuals should be able to use their payment to buy food, pay for medication or rent or mortgages, not worrying about saving a portion to pay taxes.