sales tax

Harrisburg – February 22, 2022 – Last week, Senator Lisa Boscola (D-Lehigh/Northampton) announced that she intends to introduce legislation creating a two-month sales tax holiday in Pennsylvania. If successful, the state will not be collecting the 6% sales tax in June or July this year.

Boscola stated, “It is pretty clear everyone is hurting from the effects of inflation.  Whether you are a teacher, police officer, iron worker, warehouse worker, retiree or recent college grad, everything you need is more expensive.” Boscola continued, “I was looking for a way for the state government to provide some temporary relief for everyone without creating a new program or application process.  Price increases are impacting everyone’s bottom line and while state government cannot fix monetary policy or national product shortages, we can find ways to help our families without creating red tape.”

This past January, the annual inflation rate in the United States accelerated 7.5%. This is the highest since February of 1982.  Boscola noted, “The State is projected to run 2+ billion dollar surpluses this year and next.  My proposal covers two different fiscal years to ensure that the state remains on sound financial footing.”

“This proposed tax holiday, over the summer months, will allow all families to enjoy a few extra dollars in their pockets,” said Boscola.

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