Reading, June 10, 2021  Three projects put forward by the Berk County will receive $884,403 in grant funding from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) for three projects according to Sen. Judy Schwank (D-11th district), Rep. Mark Rozzi (D-126th district) and Rep. Manny Guzman (D-127th district).

Berks County will also receive $409,955 in State Intermediate Punishment Treatment Funds for the Berks Intermediate Punishment FY21/22 project and $454,448 in Improvement of Adult Probation Service Grant-In-Aid Funds for the Berks County APO Grant in Aid FY20/21 project. The funding will be used to provide treatment for individuals facing drug related offenses and to strengthen services for those on probation. 

Berks will also receive $20,000 in support from the Capital Case Indigent Defense Funds. The funds will be used for a mitigation expert for a capital homicide case from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

“These grant funds will have an immediate positive impact on the health and safety of all Berks County residents,” said Sen. Schwank. “Strategic investments in our justice system are crucial and have tremendous social benefits for entire communities.”

“This much-needed state support will go a long way to improve the criminal justice system here at home,” Rep. Rozzi said. “These grants will allow for the increase of treatment services, including supporting detox and alcohol intervention. In short, these funds will allow the people who want help find the support they need and progress toward making a positive impact in their family’s lives as well as in their community.”

“I remain committed to fighting for criminal justice reform and ending mass incarceration, and while much more work still needs to be done, I’m pleased to see that one of these grants will allow the Berks County Jail System to decrease its incarcerated population,” Rep. Guzman said. “Implementing a probation program with restrictions for people convicted of non-violent drug or alcohol offenses will allow people to recover and receive the treatment they need. Jail is not the only answer for every person, at some point we also need to treat the issue that led to the crime.”


Contact: Spencer Thornburg
Sen. Judy Schwank
Phone: 610-929-2151