PA Senate Democrats

2021 Accomplishments

Developed & Funded Programs to Help with COVID-19 Recovery

Developed and funded programs to help with COVID-19 recovery

For individuals struggling to pay their bills and also for small business owners coping with the pandemic changes to their industries, particularly in hospitality

Established the Broadband Development

Established the Broadband Development Authority

Established the Broadband Development Authority to use at least $100 million to develop and deploy broadband services to unserved and underserved internet users

Hosted Dozens of Community Events

Held countless community events around the state

Held countless community events around the state, including a free baby shower, shredding events, electronics recycling, health fairs and more

Campaign for Workers Rights

Campaign for worker rights

Continued the campaign for worker rights by fighting to increase the minimum wage, provide front line worker hazard pay and mandate paid sick leave

Allocated $30 Million for Community Violence Prevention

Allocated $30 million for community violence prevention

Allocated $30 million for community violence prevention programs that will support local efforts to take preventive measures to stop growing gun violence that is occurring across the state.

$350 Million for Education

$350 Million for Education

Supported a nearly $300 million increase for the basic education fund and a $50 million increase in special education funding in the 21-22 Fiscal Year budget

Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness

Worked with the Governor to ensure that student loan forgiveness programs would not be taxable by the state – saving young professionals a lot of money.

$11.4 Million for Food Banks

$11.4 million for Food Banks

Secured an $11.4 million investment in cold storage infrastructure for food banks serving every county of Pennsylvania.

Student Loan Relief for Nurses

Student Loan Relief for Nurses

Created the Student Loan Relief for Nurses program – forgiving $5 million in debts for nurses in Pennsylvania using American Rescue Plan funding.

Community Investment

Community Investment

Invested in all of our communities with state grants and loans to organizations doing great work.

Democratic sponsored bills that have passed the Senate in 2021:

SB 114 – Requires a driver to make a reasonable effort to remove snow or ice from their vehicle

SB 115 – Authorizes Pennsylvania to join the nurse licensure compact

SB 241 – Makes exemptions from fishing license fees for therapeutic recreation programs

SB 274 – Allows for a land conveyance in Allegheny County

SB 291 – Capital Budget Act of 2021-2022 to provide for funding of redevelopment capital projects throughout the Commonwealth

SB 337 – Increases fines and penalties for killing or unlawfully taking a bald or golden eagle

SB 480 – Updates the Borough Code

SB 486 – Gives veterans and their spouses preference in job training programs operated by local workforce development boards

SB 561 – Authorizes the procurement process for the sale of the former State Correctional Institute – Pittsburgh

SB 574 – Establishes a county demolition and rehabilitation fund in each county

SB 674 – Updates the Borough Code

SB 675 – Updates the Third Class City Code

SB 755Provides authorization for digital submissions and electronic transmittals of proposed comprehensive plans for municipal governments