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PHILADELPHIA July 13, 2023 − Today, Senator Vincent Hughes, Democratic Appropriations Chair, along with the PA Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), announced over $4.4 million dollars in affordable housing grants awarded through the Housing Options Program (HOP). Senator Hughes was a leader and a champion for the development of the HOP grant program, and a key leader in FY22-23 budget negotiations that led to the largest increase in affordable housing investments in Pennsylvania’s history.

“I’m proud to see housing investments I fought for in Harrisburg go to projects that will improve lives. What HOP does, simply, is to keep affordable housing affordable, and not get lost to gentrification,” said Senator Hughes. “Affordable housing is a cornerstone of every safe and thriving community. When we provide affordable housing options and maintain units that are already available, we lay the foundation for people to keep a job, make sure their children get a good education, and ensure the overall safety of neighborhoods.”

The grants will preserve 375 affordable units across several counties in Pennsylvania.

The Housing Options Program was established to preserve affordable housing units and expand the number of available affordable housing units throughout Pennsylvania. The program is administered by PHFA and was open to developers and non-profits. This first round of funding was awarded to projects with emergency repairs. PHFA will continue to review applications and announce additional rounds of funding.

Projects awarded in Philadelphia will impact 225 units. The following projects in Philadelphia received funding through this first round of HOP grant awards:

  • Caribe Towers Elderly Housing Development
  • CATCH – Anna’s House
  • Evangelical Senior Housing
  • Gaudenzia Tioga Arms
  • Liberty Disston Street
  • Loney-Rhawn
  • Opportunities Tower III
  • Wingate

More information about project recipients can be found online.