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Pittsburgh, Pa.−  May 25, 2021 − Today Senator Jay Costa announced $327,180 in state grants for blight projects in the 43rd senatorial district. 

“Our district has many promising neighborhoods and communities that merely need a little help with remediation to restore their original shine,” said Senator Costa. “I was inspired to fight for the projects that won awards today because I believe in the potential of these areas. I look forward to watching them succeed.”

  • Tri-COG Land Bank will receive $190,000 for its Woodland Hills School District Blight Remediation project
  • The Borough of Braddock Hills will receive $74,880 for a remediation project that will demolish three vacant structures and replace the dangerous facilities with a welcoming green space
  • The Borough of Forest Hills will receive $19,800 to demolish the building at 21 Marion Avenue and restore landscaping to prepare for a new residence to be constructed
  • The City of Pittsburgh will receive $17,500 for a planning project that will address blight in Homewood. It will develop a new plan for the neighborhood
  • Oakland Planning and Development Corporation will receive $25,000 for a planning project on five local properties

The projects are funded by Act 20 of 2019 created within the Commonwealth Financing Authority the Blight Remediation Program for blight remediation, including hazard mitigation, for local governments and authorities.