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The Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 210, which would exempt judges and some elderly citizens from jury duty.

Under the bill, federal, state and district justices would be exempt from jury duty, along with citizens 75 or older who request to be excused.

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The Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 301, which consolidates and updates numerous statutes into Title 2 (Administrative Law and Procedure).

Under the measure, statutes concerning filing and publishing commonwealth documents, Attorneys General and Office of General Counsel regulatory reviews, Office of Budget fiscal notes on regulations, and Independent Regulatory Review Commission actions would be consolidated into Title 2.

Existing provisions concerning hearings before state and local agencies would remain in Title 2.

Pennsylvania remains the only state that has not completely consolidated its statutes. The legislation was introduced during the previous two sessions, but never reached the governor’s desk. Senate Bill 301 now goes to the House for consideration.


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