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The Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 385, which would encourage the creation of transportation hubs.

The bill, which modernizes Transit Revitalization Investment District (TRID) Act of 2004, was prompted by the current law inabilities to create TRID’s. The measure would enhance the current methods of obtaining and utilizing funding for creating and sustaining these mass transportation hubs.

Similar legislation passed the Senate in the 2013-2014 Session (SB 1210), but the bill died in the House Transportation Committee.

Senate Bill 385 is now in the House.




The Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 427. This bill would amend the current Precious Metal Sale Regulation Law by giving theft victims a chance to recover their stolen jewelry before their precious metal is sold.

The bill would extend how long a buyer is required to hold a precious metal before selling it, from five to ten days. Changing the requirement from five to ten days would also give police more time to investigate and examine precious metals before they are sold or melted down.

El proyecto de ley pasa ahora a la Cámara.




The Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 487, which will help save consumers money by limiting the amount of required medical co-payments.

Under the measure, a section entitled, “Fairness in Multiple Copayments” is added to ensure that individuals do not have to pay multiple copayments for various medical services. These services include medical services provided by a physical therapist, chiropractor and occupational therapist.

A similar measure was submitted (SB 1432) in the previous session, but died in the House Insurance Committee.

Senate Bill 487 was enacted as Act 39 of 2015.




The Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 494, which would remove the requirement that the state Insurance Commissioner must present an annual report to the General Assembly.

The bill is designed to cut down on the costs of producing paper reports. The reports contain information regarding the promotion and sale of flood insurance, however, this information can already be accessed online.

A similar bill was previously submitted (SB 1130) last session, but died in the House’s Insurance Committee.

Senate Bill 494 now goes to the House’s Insurance Committee.




The Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 562, which gives state lawmakers more access, information and input on the regulatory process.

Currently, when an agency suggests a regulation, the regulation must go through a review process through the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC).

Senate Bill 562 would give lawmakers more opportunities to help shape the regulatory review process by requiring that all legislators receive a copy of proposed regulations. The measure would also empower committee chairs to hold hearings and vote to adopt their suggested comments into the final regulation.

The bill is currently in the House State Government Committee.


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