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Senador Larry Farnese

Harrisburg, PA − February 4, 2020 − State Sen. Larry Farnese released the following statement regarding today’s 2020-21 budget address by Gov. Tom Wolf:

“In his budget address today, Gov. Wolf stood up for two top priorities in my district.

“His $1 billion plan for ending the plague of toxic schools is a starting point that I am confident will lead to more discussion about the costly and ruinous effect that lead and asbestos have on our communities.

“The governor is also putting the weight of his office behind passage of overdue anti-discrimination legislation.

“Hope is not always easy to find in this building, but today I feel hopeful that, after more than a decade of trying, equality for LGBTQ+ citizens is finally receiving the attention it deserves. My legislation (SB614) will protect anyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression from discrimination in housing, employment, or accommodation. It is long past time for Pennsylvania to provide equal treatment to its citizens and end discrimination.

“It is important that we all understand that the governor standing up for these priorities does not mean that we can stand down. There is a long tough fight ahead and we have to be prepared to fight as if our future depends on it, because it does.”