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HB 138 PN 2256 (Farry): This bill amends Title 75 (Vehicles) by allowing first responder organizations to solicit donations at controlled-intersections. The bill was approved (46-0).

SB 411 PN 1335 (Pileggi): This bill amends the Right-to-Know Law by further providing for definitions and requests for access to records. The bill further provides for limiting certain requests, expanding exceptions to the Law, making adjustments to the appeals process, and allowing for additional fees for commercial requests. The bill was approved (46-0).

SB 874 PN 1334 (McGarrigle): This bill amends the Cemetery and Funeral Merchandise Trust Fund Law to modify current deposits made into trust funds, to require price lists, to alter the filing of financial reports, to prohibit the pre-delivery of certain items and to change the interest paid on refunded arrangements. The bill was approved (26-20).

HB 1275 PN 2336 (O’Neill): This bill amends the Dental Law to allow dentists from out-of-state to take continuing education courses at dental schools in Pennsylvania. The bill was approved (46-0).