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SB 210 PN 1282 (Greenleaf): This bill amends §4503 of Title 42 by adding two (2) more provisions to the exemption or excused general rules. These two new exemptions are as follows: Persons 75 years of age or older who request to be excused and Judges and magisterial district judges of the Commonwealth and judges of the United States as defined in 28 U.S.C. §451. The Senate concurred in House Amendments, 47-1.

HB 792 PN 1678 (Killion): Amends the Housing Finance Agency Law further providing for the Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund by adding that each year the State Treasurer shall transfer from the General Fund to the fund an amount equal to the lesser of: (1) 40 percent of the difference between the total dollar amount of the tax imposed under section 1102-C of the Tax Reform Code and collected by the Commonwealth for the prior fiscal year; and the total dollar amount of such tax estimated for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014, and as contained in the final estimate signed by the Governor for that fiscal year as required by section 618 of The Administrative Code of 1929; or (2) $25,000,000. The bill was approved, 47-1.

SB 874 PN 1314 (McGarrigle): The bill amends the Cemetery and Funeral Merchandise Trust Fund Law to make changes including: deposits made into trust funds; to require price lists; filing of financial reports; prohibition of pre-delivery of certain items; and interest paid on refunded arrangements. Senator McIlhinney offered Amendment A03653, which directs how the funds will be used. The amendment was adopted 40-8, and the bill went over as amended.

HB 874 PN 2009 (Marsico): Amends Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses), in assault, further providing for the offenses of harassment, stalking and threat to use weapons of mass destruction by removing conduct by a party to a labor dispute from each section. Senator McGarrigle offered Amendment A03673, which would clarify that in the event of a buyer’s default prior to the final payment under the contract, the seller is entitled to retain 30% of the contract price as liquidated damages. The amendment was adopted, . Senator Farnese offered Amendment A03059, which would provide that Harassment §2709 and Stalking §2709.1 provisions shall not apply to the statutorily protected activity under Title 18. The amendment was defeated, 20-28. The bill was then approved 30-18.

SB 411 PN 1325 (Pileggi): Amends the Right-to-Know Law to further provide for definitions and fee schedules for commercial requests for right-to-know requests. The bill increases the list of exceptions to include certain volunteer emergency response organizations and provides specific items that may be requested by inmates. Senator Dinniman offered Amendment A03674, which clarifies the exclusion of employee home addresses by removing language in SB 411 providing an exception for Commonwealth, municipal or school entity employees, as well as the definition of “school entity.” This amendment would add home addresses of employees in Commonwealth, judicial, legislative and local agencies and employees of a Pennsylvania charter school for the deaf and blind to the personal identification information exception under the Right-to-Know Law, § 708(b)(6). The amendment was adopted, and the bill went over as amended.