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SB 143 PN 95 (Yaw): This bill amends the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act to make changes to the Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Board. The bill was approved 50-0.

SB 201 PN 278 (Folmer): This bill amends the Tax Reform Code to allow like-kind exchange tax deferrals in Pennsylvania to mirror Internal Revenue Code, Section 1031. The bill was approved 46-4.

SB 222 PN 765 (Greenleaf): This bill amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) in organization and jurisdiction of courts of common pleas, further providing for courts of common pleas. Senator Scavello offered Amendment A01189, which would which would increase the number of judges in the forty-third district to 7. The amendment was agreed to. Senator Killion offered Amendment A01109, decrease the proposed number of judges in the thirty-second district to 21. The amendment was agreed to and the bill went over as amended.

SB 560 PN 614 (Greenleaf): This bill amends Titles 18 (Crimes & Offenses) and 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) to expand the scope of permissible audio and video recording by law enforcement officers and to allow for public access to those recordings. Senator Greenleaf offered Amendment A01144, which would provide for definitions, make technical amendments, change the proposed number of days an audio recording may be requested to 20 days, place provisions on requests for recordings and provide for the safeguarding of recordings containing victim information or potential evidence. The amendment was approved 40-10 and the bill went over as amended.