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SB 286, PN 1667 (Gordner) – The bill amends the Incorporated Towns Contracts Act (Act 34 of 1953) by increasing the threshold at which these incorporated towns must use competitive bidding and public advertising and providing for annual increases.  A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 342, PN 549 (Greenleaf) – This bill amends the Occupational Therapy Practice Act further providing for creation of the board and providing for impaired professionals program.  A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 349, PN 1701 (Browne) – The legislation would create the Indoor Tanning Regulation Act in which a license to operate a tanning device is required among other aspects.  A vote of 48-1 was recorded.

SB 444, PN 625 (Earll) – This bill amends the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act by increasing the prize limits for games, and making several additional changes.  Senator Alloway introduced Amendment A05964, which would mainly affect club license holders by raising daily/weekly prize payout ceilings and allow for 30% of the proceeds to be used for operating expenses.  A vote of 45-4 was recorded and the bill went over as amended.

SB 954, PN 1090 (Eichelberger) – This bill amends the Vehicle Code as it pertains to the offense of driving under the influence.  Senator Wozniak introduced Amendment A05654, which would prohibit methadone clinic patients from driving after they receive treatment.  A vote of 13-36 was recorded and the amendment was defeated.  On final passage of the bill, a vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 1095, PN 1664 (Scarnati) – The legislation establishes the Long-Term Care Nursing Facility Independent Informal Dispute Resolution Act which creates an informal review process for long-term care nursing facilities to dispute Department of Health findings using an independent agent.  Senator Scarnati introduced Amendment A05946, which provides for further clarification of liability and responsibility.  The amendment was agreed to and the bill went over as amended.