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SB 383 PN 1954: Amends the Judicial Code (Title 42) to provide for the establishment of problem-solving courts with specialized jurisdiction in the Courts of Common Pleas and the Municipal Court of Philadelphia. The Senate concurred in House amendments as amended, 49-0.

HB 48 PN 3578:  Amends the Liquor Code (Act 21 of 1951) to allow a new entity to obtain a public venue liquor license; to allow a new entity to obtain a special occasion permit; and to make allowances for certain hotel licensees. The Senate concurred in House amendments, 49-0.

SB 174 PN 1950: Amends the Workforce Development Act by establishing the Pennsylvania Center for Health Careers within the Department of Labor and Industry which will develop strategies to address the State’s short-term and long-term health care work force challenges. The Senate unanimously approved this bill, 49-0.

SB 629 PN 1835: Amends section 1101 (relating to definitions) of the Act of  March 10, 1949 (P.L. 30, No. 14), known as the Public School Code by adding school social worker to the definition of “professional employe”. The Senate unanimously approved this bill, 49-0.

SB 928 PN 1923: Would require the State Treasurer, the State Employees Retirement Fund, the Public School Employees Retirement Fund, and the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement Fund to divest from foreign companies that have business activities with or in Iran or Sudan. The Senate approved this bill 42-7.

SB 1026 PN 1836:  Amends Title 34 (Game) to provide for a “Governor’s Elk Tag”

Senator Alloway offered A06802, which enhances the Mentored Youth Hunting Program. The Senate approved amendment, 49-0.

HB 1041 PN 3564Amends the Pharmacy Act, by authorizing a pharmacist to perform drug therapy management and also allows a pharmacist to be employed by a physician for the purpose of the management of drug therapy. The Senate unanimously approved this bill, 49-0.

SB 1155 PN 1922Amends Title 16 (Counties) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, adding provisions for required fiscal security through bonding, blanket bonding and insuring of elected and appointed county officers and employees; providing for determining the form, amount and payment of premiums for and the filing and recording of the required security and for the subsequent issuance of official commissions; and making related repeals. The Senate unanimously approved this bill, 49-0.