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Monday, June 9, 2014

HB 119, PN 119 (Marshall) – Act establishing an emergency medical services memorial flag; & imposing duties on the PA Emergency Health Services Council & the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services in the Dept. of Health. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

HB 198, PN 3630 (Neilson) – Amends the Public School Code providing for Dyslexia Screening and Early Literacy Intervention Pilot Program. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 803, PN 2075 (Baker)– Amends the Local Tax Enabling Act, in consolidated collection of local income taxes, further providing for definitions. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 1314, PN 1905 (Wozniak) – Act designating the bridge on State Route 3023, Johns Road, Johnstown, Cambria County, as the Clara Barton Memorial Bridge. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 1377, PN 2054 (Mensch)– Amends Title 35 (Health & Safety), in emergency telephone service, further providing for expiration of chapter. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

HB 1873, PN 2741 (Benninghoff)– Act authorizing the release of restrictions on use and alienation imposed by Project 70 Land Acquisition & Borrowing Act on certain land owned by PFBC in Benner Township, Centre County. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SR 397, PN 2055 (Mensch)– A resolution urging the President of the United States and the Congress to immediately consider and pass H.R. 3930, which establishes the National Commission on the Structure of the Army. A vote of 48-1 was recorded.