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SB 1000 PN 1232 (Browne): This bill is the Republican Stop Gap Budget for 2015-2016 Fiscal Year. The bill was approved (30-19).

SB 1001 PN 1233 (Browne): This bill provides for the Fiscal Code implementation for the proposed Republican Stop Gap Budget. The bill was approved (30-19).

HB 224 PN 2180 (Christiana): This bill provides for the School Code funding using last year’s appropriations. The bill will provide funds to basic education and special education until Oct. 31, 2015. This bill will reenact parts of the Fiscal Code to maintain alternative school programs. This legislation will create the Public School Web Accountability and Transparency Act, SchoolWATCH. A portion of this bill provides a provision of $4.5 million to assist school districts in financial need. The bill was approved (30-19).

HB 75 PN 66 (Kauffman): This bill amends the Pharmacy Act to require pharmacies outside of the state to register and comply with the State Board of Pharmacies if they provide for residents of Pennsylvania. The amendment introduces other requirements such as reporting disciplinary actions to the Board. The bill was approved (49-0).

HB 175 PN 2179 (Goodman): This bill amends the Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans’ Benefit Act. This bill will extend the deadline for veterans to apply for the bonus program. The bill was approved (49-0).

SB 773 PN 854 (Kitchen): This bill amends Titles 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes to prohibit the sale and the distribution of powdered alcohol to minors. The bill was approved (49-0).

SB 879 PN 1238 (Baker): This bill establishes the Pennsylvania ABLE Savings Program. This savings program is designed for families to save for costs related to disabilities. The bill was approved (49-0).

SR 136 PN 979 (Greenleaf): This is a resolution condemning the actions of the International Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement to boycott Israel and to reaffirm the Senate of Pennsylvania’s support of Israel. The Senate adopted the resolution, (49-0).