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Senate Bill 101 PN 153 (Smucker): The legislation amends the Sunshine Act to increase penalties for violations. The legislation was approved 48-2.

Senate Bill 105 PN 982 (Browne): Establishes the Pennsylvania Web Accountability and Transparency Act, or PennWATCH. The legislation provides for the establishment of a searchable budget database-driven Internet website detailing certain information concerning taxpayer (i.e. state) expenditures and investments. The legislation was approved unanimously.

Senate Bill 916 PN 949 (McIlhinney): Amends the Election code by adopting voting standards developed by the Voting Standards Development Board to all elections in 2011 and 2012. The legislation was approved unanimously.

Nombramientos ejecutivos

The following nominees were unanimously confirmed:

The Honorable Carol Aichele, Secretary of the Commonwealth

The Honorable Ronald J. Tomalis, Secretary of Education

The Honorable Michael Krancer, Secretary of Environmental Protection

The Honorable Michael F. Consedine, Insurance Commissioner of Pennsylvania

The following nominee was confirmed 30-20:

Eileen Whalon Behr, Sheriff, Montgomery County