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Legislative issues

Editorial: Call a special session to fix redistricting mess

Mandate lead test for schools

Mt Airy asks for more time to select casino site

Senior citizens

Lottery scams bilk millions from seniors

Pennsylvania will start letting hospices offer to dispose of drugs

Cyber security

US official: Russia using social media to divide Americans

State election officials in US meet in Philadelphia amid security concerns

The Conversation | Securing America’s voting systems against spying and meddling


Up, Up, and No Way! Pa. school tax hikes are an ‘oncoming freight train.’ And only you can make it stop. | Maria Panaritis

‘Nevertheless, we persist.’ Elizabeth Warren backs unions during Pittsburgh stop at teachers’ convention

Derecho y Justicia

In sharp filings, lawyers for past and present clergy attack grand jury report

There’s a Pennsylvania paradox when it comes to gun control

Former state trooper charged again, this time with falsifying firearm papers

Pennsylvania State Police welcomes 95 new troopers

Steve Chronister’s troubles go well beyond complaints raised in the Grandview incident

Open Records

Pennsylvanians: Protect your right to know what your government is doing

New Pennsylvania law allows school boards to discuss security measures in private

Why are cameras still out of order in Pa. courts?


PUC to investigate ‘inherently dangerous’ Centerville railroad crossing

State PUC looking for ways to improve broadband access to rural areas

Folmer column

France and the U.S. Two revolutions. Two very different results | Mike Folmer


Fayette County Democratic Committee has new leadership

Touting support for Trump, GOP congressional candidates stump in Easton area