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Philadelphia, PA − June 24, 2022 − State Sen. Vincent Hughes today released the following statement on today’s Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade devastates a women’s right to have control over her own body, and attempts to put women in a second-class status.

“Digging deeper into the decision, it shows a window opening that could have this Supreme Court impacting other personal freedoms and rights that have also been previously ruled constitutional, like civil rights, the right to marry who we love (both gay and interacial), and our right to privacy.  The court already attacked the right to vote in the Shelby decision.  it is likely they will come back to that again.

“We must also understand that while abortion remains legal in Pennsylvania, there is a growing effort to amend the state constitution to declare it illegal.  That process is controlled by the legislature and does not need the approval by this or any governor.

“We don’t have to sit back and accept this.  We must fight back.  We must organize, protest, and express our outrage, especially when it comes to voting.  Our rights and our freedoms are all on the line.”