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HARRISBURG – June 27, 2019 – Sen. Larry Farnese (D-Philadelphia) spoke today on the Senate floor to detail his reasons for opposing the proposed 2019-2020 General Fund budget bill. 

“Simply put, I believe there are multiple reasons to say we could do better for the citizens of Pennsylvania,” Farnese said during his remarks. “I am voting no on this budget because this budget does not make life better in Pennsylvania. It ignores the voices of our constituents, it ignores the needs of Pennsylvania families, and it ignores basic human compassion.”

Farnese cited reasons for voting against the spending plan.  He said the budget does not include a minimum wage increase, eliminates funding for the state’s General Assistance program, denies urgent funding that is necessary for emergency school repairs, and lacks adequate funding to help working families send their children to high quality pre-k programs.

He thanked Senate Democratic leadership for their hard work in negotiations but believes the budget needs more innovation and solutions for the priorities that were excluded from the current budget proposal.

“This budget doesn’t have a lot of heart,” Farnese said. “It doesn’t have a lot of innovation. It doesn’t stand up for the little person. It doesn’t lend a hand to those that it need it most. And that is a shame.”

“We need to work together to provide a budget that lifts Pennsylvania, for all Pennsylvanians.”