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Delaware County, PA- March 15, 2023 – Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti (D- Delaware/ Montgomery), Senator John Kane (D-Delaware/Chester), and Senator Tim Kearney (D- Delaware) issued the following joint statement in response to Crozer Health’s announcement of restructuring plans that will affect roughly 215 employees:

“Today’s announcement is another disingenuous attempt by Prospect Medical Holdings to avoid taking accountability for further crippling the Crozer Health system. Instead of recognizing Prospect’s decision to raid Crozer’s assets and saddle the system with hundreds of millions of dollars of debt, as well as its failure to uphold its duty to provide health services to our communities, Crozer is choosing to reduce access to healthcare in Delaware County and harm hundreds of its dedicated staff in the process.

While the headwinds facing the hospital industry are strong, Prospect’s failure to be a responsible owner of the Crozer system has created unique weaknesses that continue to harm Delaware County residents.

As we make policy at the state level, we are targeting solutions that will ensure our communities have nearby, affordable access to the healthcare they need and deserve. Today’s announcement is a setback for healthcare access in Delaware County and epitomizes the current issues that exist, which are only further exacerbated by the for-profit healthcare systems across Pennsylvania.”