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Senador John Kane

DELAWARE COUNTYAugust 18, 2022 – Today, State Senator John Kane issued the following statement in response to news that the ChristianaCare Health System will not acquire Crozer Health: 

“Today’s announcement is deeply troubling to me and the people of Delaware County. We were excited about the possibility of a non-profit coming back to run this system in Delco. The people around here grew up with that type of community and got used to a patient first experience.

We all deserve the access to the medical care we need, no matter how much we can afford. That is what made our Delco community so hopeful that a deal with Christiana Care was possible. I’ve been very clear that our healthcare system should not be a for-profit money-making scheme. Wealthy elites and selfish, money-hungry business practices should have no place in our health care system. There are companies and CEO’s who would rather pad their own pockets than seek to help the needs of our seniors, workers young people and the folks living in our Commonwealth, and we will not stand for it.  People who need medical attention should not be viewed as “revenue.” Delaware Countians deserve the security to know they will not be viewed as a dollar bill. That’s why I’ve introduced Senate Bill 1271 to ban for profit healthcare in our Commonwealth.

If Crozer is serious about its plan to convert back to a non-profit, that would be a welcomed step. But I still think they need to do more. They must restore the services that were cut this year. We have seen closings at the substance abuse and mental health clinics, inpatient surgical services shut down, staffing cuts and so much more when dealing with a for-profit system. 

We need our healthcare system to focus on the care they provide, not the profits they make. Our lives are depending upon it.”

To find out more on Senate Bill 1271, along with the 5 additional Senate Bills to protect Pennsylvania from the abuse of for-profit hospital deals visit Senator Kane’s website here.