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Harrisburg, PA – January 8, 2024 − State Senator John I. Kane (D) along with his colleagues, Rep. Christina Sappey of the 158th District, Rep Leanne Krueger of the 161st District, Rep. Carol Kazeem of the 159th District, and Rep. Lisa Borowski of the 168th District, are delighted to announce the recent awarding of Pennsylvania Arts and Culture Recovery (PARC) grants. These grants, totaling $72,475, have been provided to five organizations within the 9th District. Administered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, these grants aim to provide crucial financial support to arts and cultural organizations that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m excited to see these essential funds being directed to support our arts and culture sector,” said Senator Kane. “These groups enhance our community with creativity, boost our local economy, and greatly contribute to our shared spirit. I am honored to partner with my colleagues in the House to help get these awards done with these organizations.”

Awarded grants are as follows:

  • Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation – $10,309. Located in Edgmont Township, Delaware County (168th Representative District with Rep Lisa Borowski)

“The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation is an important part of Edgmont Township and one of our most beautiful state parks, Ridley Creek. This grant will support what is almost a purely volunteer effort to preserve and share our local history and I’m thrilled to have worked with Senator Kane to bring this impactful grant home.”

  • Hedgerow Theatre, Inc – $26,259. This Performing Arts Organization, located in Rose Valley Borough, Delaware County (161st House District with Rep Leanne Krueger)

“These funds will support Hedgerow Theatres’ artistic excellence and community engagement, fostering creativity and educational enrichment”, said state Representative Leanne Krueger. “The financial support comes at a critical time, enabling the theater to invest in operating costs, infrastructure improvements, and the quality of local performing arts further solidifying its role as a cultural cornerstone in the community”.

  • Kennett Flash Inc. – $11,286. This Arts Organization, located in Kennett Square Borough, Chester County (158th Representative District with Rep Christina Sappey)
  • Kennett Symphony of Chester County – $13,950. Located in Kenneth Square Borough, Chester County (158th Representative District with Rep Christina Sappey)

“People throughout Chester County and beyond enjoy the performances of these organizations that are doing great work for the arts and for economic activity in our community,” Sappey said. “The arts are facing ongoing funding challenges in Pennsylvania and I’m glad to see state dollars coming back to our community to help support their programs for years to come.”

  • Delaware County Historical Society – $10,671. The Society, located in Chester City, Delaware County (159th House District with Rep Carol Kazeem)

We extend our heartiest congratulations to each of the grant recipients and look forward to the positive impact these grants will have on the arts and culture landscape within the 9th District.