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Harrisburg – October 29, 2019 – Sen. Anthony H. Williams (Delaware/Philadelphia) has introduced Senate Bill 933 which would allow municipalities to authorize by ordinance or resolution the operation of a supervised injection site. The legislation also lays out penalties for those who operate a supervised injection site within the state outside of these parameters.

“As we continue to fight the heroin and drug epidemic facing so many across the state, it is important that those struggling with addiction have access to the resources they need,” Williams said. “But we need to give neighborhoods the right to decide if a facility is the right fit for their community.”

SB 933 would allow municipalities to operate a supervised injection site and provide paraphernalia, provided that the municipality have at least three public hearings on the subject, there is observation by a medical professional at the site, and a comprehensive community safety plan that includes local law enforcement or the Pennsylvania State Police.

The legislation makes it a felony for anyone to operate a safe injection site that has not been approved through William’s proposed mechanism. This includes providing drug paraphernalia and space for a person to take a drug.

“I want to continue dedicating state resources to the prevention and rehabilitation of those struggling with addiction, but it is also important that we give communities all the possible resources to deal with the drug epidemic.”


CONTACT: Sabrina Hall