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Pittsburgh, Pa. – October 16, 2020 – Senator Lindsey M. Williams joined members of the Senate Democratic Caucus today to announce their plan for spending Pennsylvania’s remaining $1.331 billion share of Federal CARES funding. Proposed allocations include additional funds to business assistance grants, childcare providers, food banks and anti-hunger programs, higher education, and emergency public utility assistance grants.

As a part of this proposal, Senator Williams has recommended allocating an additional $100 million to the existing Hazard Pay Grant Program, with $10 million of that fund dedicated to providing grants to EMS agencies and pharmacies. Senator Williams has also proposed allocating an additional $25 million in grant funding to EMS agencies and fire companies to help them with both the additional expenses incurred as a result of COVID-19 precautions and to replace lost fundraising opportunities.

“Our EMS workers and fire fighters are entering the homes of sick patients, providing exceptional care, and putting themselves at extreme risk of contracting a deadly illness and bringing it home to their loved ones,” said Senator Williams. “We have to give these organizations the financial support they need if we expect them to remain open and providing life-saving services both now and after the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The first round of COVID-19 Crisis Fire, Rescue, and EMS Grant funding was awarded to departments last week. The following fire companies in District 38 received grant funding:

  • Allegheny Valley Volunteer Fire Company #1 received $34,651;
  • Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Company received $23,973;
  • Bauerstown Volunteer Fire Department received $24,247;
  • Berkeley Hills Fire Company received $25,342;
  • Blawnox-Glenover Volunteer Fire Company received $23,288;
  • Cherry City Volunteer Fire Company received $23,973;
  • Citizens Hose Company No. 1 received $25,342;
  • Citizens Volunteer Hose Company No. 2 received $25,342;
  • East Deer Volunteer Hose Company received $22,603;
  • Elfinwild Volunteer Fire Company of Shaler Township received $24,110;
  • Etna Volunteer Fire Department received $25,342;
  • Eureka Hose Company received $23,151;
  • Evergreen Fire Company received $24,247;
  • Fawn Township Fire Department 1 received $22,603;
  • Fox Chapel Volunteer Fire Department received $24,931;
  • Franklin Park Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 received $23,151;
  • Frazer Volunteer Fire Department #1 received $22,877;
  • Highland Firemen’s Association received $24,794;
  • Highland Hose Volunteer Fire Company #1 received $22,603;
  • Hilltop Hose Company No. 3 received $24,247;
  • Ingomar Volunteer Fire Company #2 received $23,836;
  • Keating Fire Company received $23,014;
  • Laurel Gardens Volunteer Fire Company received $23,014;
  • Middle Road Volunteer Fire Department received $24,247;
  • Millvale Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. received $24,110;
  • North Hampton Volunteer Fire Department received $24,520;
  • Parkview Plan Volunteer Fire Department received $23,151;
  • Peebles District Volunteer Fire Company received $25,342;
  • Perrysville Volunteer Fire Company received $24,247;
  • Pioneer Hose Company received $23,014;
  • Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Company #1 received $22,603;
  • Quaill District Fireman’s Association received $23,151;
  • Ross/West View Emergency Medical Services Authority received $25,342;
  • Seville Volunteer Fire Company received $24,247;
  • Sharps Hill Volunteer Fire Department $23,288;
  • Springdale Volunteer Fire Department received $23,014;
  • Summit Hose Company received $23,425;
  • Undercliff Volunteer Fire Company received $24,657;
  • Volunteer Fire Company of Rural Ridge received $23,699;
  • West Deer Volunteer Fire Department No. 1 received $22,603;
  • West Deer Volunteer Fire Department No. 2 received $24,794;
  • West Deer Volunteer Fire Company No. 3 received $25,342;
  • West View Fire Company #1 received $23,973; and
  • Wexford Volunteer Fire Company received $24,657.

Los siguientes servicios de urgencias del Distrito 38 han recibido subvenciones:

  • Citizens Volunteer Hose Company #2 EMS received $15,048;
  • Eureka Community Ambulance Service received $15,048;
  • Foxwall Emergency Medical Service, Inc. received $14,998;
  • Lower Valley Ambulance Service received $15,048;
  • McCandless Franklin Park Ambulance Authority received $15,048;
  • Parkview Plan Volunteer Fire Department EMS received $15,048;
  • Richland EMS, Inc. received $15,048;
  • Ross/West View Emergency Medical Services Authority received $15,048;
  • Shaler Area Emergency Medical Services, Inc. received $14,269;
  • Valley Ambulance Authority received $15,048; and
  • West Deer EMS received $15,048.

For career, volunteer, and combination career/volunteer agencies, these funds can be used for operational expenses and expenses incurred to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, particularly COVID-19. Volunteer-only agencies can also use this funding to offset lost revenue from fundraising efforts that were cancelled due to COVID-19 mitigation restrictions. Additional information regarding the current COVID-19 Crisis Fire, Rescue, and EMS Grant funding can be found at