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HB 838 PN 2656 (Santora): This bill renames the Garret Road Bridge in Upper Darby Township, Delaware County, as the Nicholas A. Micozzie Bridge.  The Senate concurred the House’s amendments and the bill was approved with a vote of (49-0).

SB 1013 PN 1427 (Hughes):  This bill allows private employers to adopt and use a veterans’ preference employment policy.  The bill was approved with a vote of (49-0).

HB 1329 PN 1883 (English): The bill allows a hospital patient or guardian to designate a lay caregiver that may help to develop and participate in the patient’s discharge plan regarding after-care assistance. Senator Brooks offered Amendment A06086, which clarifies that no payments by health insurers or government programs to lay caregivers are required. The amendment also requires the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study the act instead of the Joint State Government Commission.  The amendment was unanimously adopted and the bill was rereferred to Appropriations as amended.