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HB 1121 PN 4147 (Reichley): Amends Title 18 by creating the offense of recruiting criminal gang members, and amends Title 42 to provide for a sentence enhancement for crimes committed to further the interests of a criminal gang. The bill was approved 45-3.

SB 1303 PN 2450 (Williams): Amends Section 696 (Distress in School Districts of the First Class) of the Public School Code to allow the school district of the first class to adjust the rate of taxes levied on real estate upon reassessment. The bill was approved 43-5.

HB 1548 PN 4148 (Murt): Enacts the Child Labor Act and replaces the Child Labor Law. The bill was approved unanimously.

HB 1682 PN 3105 (Taylor): Amends Title 68 (Real and Personal Property) by adding new chapter 21, which provides enabling authority to certain municipalities to establish land banks Sen. Pileggi offered Amendment A13557, which would not allow 2nd class counties with a 2nd class city to engage in an agreement with a county, city, borough, incorporated town, township, school district or body politic and corporate created as a municipal authority pursuant to law whose claims comprise the upset sales price: (1) Purchase property for less than the upset sales price described in section 29 of the Municipal Claim and Tax Lien Law or section 301 of the Second Class City Treasurer’s Sale and Collection Act. (2) Alter the form, substance or timing of the payment of the sales price by the land bank. The amendment was approved 46-2. The bill went over as amended

HB 2224 PN 4146 (Cutler): Amends the Donated and Dedicated Property Act by providing that public lands or buildings purchased by a political subdivision do not need Orphans’ Court approval prior to reconveyance if the lands or buildings are unencumbered by recorded restrictions or covenants requiring them to be used for public use. Also clarifies thatif a political subdivision acquired the lands or buildings through condemnationthe assets may be sold or disposed of pursuant to the Eminent Domain Code. Sen. Pileggi offered Amendment A13590, which would make Project 70 apply to lands acquired through the act. The amendment was unanimously approved and the bill went over as amended.

HB 2293 PN 4150 (Peifer): Amends Title 30 (Fish and Boat) to raise fine amounts for summary offenses, to increase possible revocation lengths, to create new sections for serious poaching incidents and taking fish illegally, and to include new penalties and assessment of costs. The bill was unanimously approved.

Nombramientos ejecutivos

The following nominations were approved unanimously:
David J. Dattilo, D.D.S, State Board of Dentistry
Ronald E. Plesco, DMD, State Board of Dentistry
Steven Beckman, Environmental Hearing Board
Randy Feathers, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
Thomas Cummings, Jr. ESQ, Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board
Alfonso Frioni, Jr., ESQ, Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board
Susan M. McDermott, ESQ, Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board