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Philly Democrat wants a $500 fine for sending nude photos without consent

Pa. drilling impact fee revenue could fall by $54 million

Your Call: Why are Pennsylvania politicians crying poor on infrastructure when they just hiked the gas tax?

Senate bills would expand spirit sales and hurt efforts to prevent substance abuse | Opinion

Pennsylvania issues guidance about new mail-in ballots

Statewide issues

State Police: Increase in denial of firearm purchases in 2019

2020 Census

Hasty shift to renewable energy will lead to grid collapse

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Brookville teenagers charged with multiple felonies in deer-abuse case

Pennsylvania deer torture suspects charged in Jefferson County

State funds to help improve services for child abuse victims

Cal U. proposes multi-year tuition increase

Amtrak important to region

Acting Philly Police Commissioner Coulter’s future in department remains unknown

Mothers of murdered children don’t want your guns, but they do want your bullets

Editorial: New Delaware County D.A. puts stamp on the office – & takes swipe at predecessor

Pgh Police union says arbitration award unfair, ‘compromised’

At funeral for former U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, a chilling portrait of our failure against cancer


Candidate vying for Pa. Senate seat in special election misses deadline for campaign finance filing

Shapiro heads into reelection year with $3M in account

Who will GOP run against Mary Gay Scanlon?

U.S. Rep. Susan Wild in step with Democratic colleagues facing tough 2020 reelections

Marianne Williamson drops out of presidential race